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Installing a patio in your backyard is a great way to create a space for yourself when the weather allows. You can wish for a great back patio for enjoyment and entertainment and we will make that wish of yours come true. 

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It is so amazing to have a nice, cozy, and beautiful backyard, you go there out there whenever you want, you can throw parties or events there whenever you feel like doing it, or if you want to enjoy the weather you just have to step out there and enjoy the best you can, but what if we say that you can convert your backyard into something even more grand and extraordinary? There are so many different types of patio available that you can choose from for your lovely backyard.

Below are some of the few designs of the patio we offer our customers along with our other back patio services-

  • Multi-Level Patio with Water Feature- a small water feature along with an aesthetic-looking patio in your backyard! What else can a person ask for?
  • Poolside Patio with Pergola- do you have a pool in your spacious backyard? Don’t worry! This poolside patio is just what you need and it also comes with a separate area for dining.
  • Asian-Inspired Patio- this patio will give your backyard a literal jaw-dropping look, it comes with comfortable and beautiful patio furniture, so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Patio with Modern Landscaping- this elegant-looking patio is just perfect for small backyards.

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AE home renovations’ back patio services

Just like any other area of your house, the back patio can often use some updates from time to time because nobody has an old and damaging back patio that is not the place you want to spend your relaxing time. To have a better-looking and hygienic outdoor space in your house, you should hire professionals for patio maintenance.

Here are some tasks we perform to keep your already installed back patio shining and bright just like the new ones

Patio repairs – During the patio maintenance process, we will first look for any signs of cracks, chips, and fading that unfortunately come along when the patio starts to get old. We will repair it immediately because if left untreated it can take the form of bigger damages that you don’t want to experience in your house.

Unwanted plants – After completing the repairing process, we will look around for unwanted plants because these plants can easily grow between bricks or in cracks of the cement and these unwanted plants will make your patio look extremely bad. If we find any traces of these plants then we will remove it completely before it grows completely.

If the unwanted plant turns out to be weed, then we will remove it naturally by pouring boiling saltwater on it.

Power washing your patio – Your back patio goes through all kinds of weather, and sometimes these harsh weather conditions can take a toll on the condition of your patio.
Our team of professionals will power wash your back patio and will make your patio look good as new again!

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There are many other good-looking patio designs available here apart from the ones mentioned above, all you have to do is select the one you like the most and we will do the rest. Your backyard will be professionally installed with the patio design you liked and you will not regret investing and working with us. AE Home Renovations offer all kinds of back patio services. If you want to install a new one then we will do that and if you want to update your already installed patio then we can do that as well.


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