Bathroom Remodeling

We know that a fantastic looking bathroom with all the correct hardware set up intelligently immediately impacts the atmosphere and offers a strong sense of luxury as specialists educated in the art of interior design and its aesthetic as well as practical impact.

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We know how to offer homeowners’ bathrooms the finest possible look as seasoned bathroom renovation contractors. Our years of experience working on thousands of projects has given us the necessary knowledge, bringing new meaning to the term “high-end” bathroom renovation. We have a large collection of contemporary bathroom layouts and ideas. We may also renovate your bathroom according to a bespoke layout that we create together. Our staff is seasoned experts with decades of combined expertise. We promise your complete happiness and work together with you to design the job. Only licensed and highly qualified individuals work with us. We provide a wide range of bathroom remodeling services. We provide a variety of bathroom renovation services as part of our complete approach to bathroom remodels.

What We Do

Increase Space – You may have a little bathroom, but it doesn’t have to stay that way all of the time. We can give expert bathroom expansion services if you wish to enhance the size of your bathroom. If you don’t hire seasoned professionals, a complete bathroom remodelling may be a long and difficult process. We make the process simple by tailoring everything to your preferences and budget. Also, if your family’s expanding. It may need a bathroom addition. You can count on Flip Masters Renovators to complete any bathroom project, whether it’s as part of a new home addition or in an existing space.

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Redesign Your Bathroom – If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a full bathroom makeover, a redesign could be a good alternative. If you believe this is the best path for you, our staff can assist you and explore your alternatives.

Converting laundry or powder room to bathroom – You may believe that converting the powder room is a better use of space. If that’s the case, and it makes sense, we can turn it into a completely working bathroom quickly. Make an appointment with a bathroom remodeler today.

Why Remodel Your Bathroom

To Improve The Resale Value Of The House –Over time, homes undergo wear and tear. The bathroom is one such location where the influence is felt strongly. Because of the hot water, which produces moisture, the bathroom will appear older than the rest of the house. A well-maintained bathroom will increase the value of your home.

To Increase Safety – There are a few signs that your restroom isn’t up to snuff. If you’ve neglected the bathroom for a long time, the tiles become slick or cracked, your bathroom is dangerous. There might also be water leaks, making the floor slick and the walls wet. Electrical wires may potentially come into touch with it. If any of these indicators appear in your bathroom, you should consider renovating it.

The Plumbing Has To Be Replaced – The bathroom’s plumbing deteriorates with time. If you’re having plumbing difficulties in your bathroom on a regular basis, it’s an indication that it needs to be repaired to prevent them from happening again. Typically, you’ll contact a plumber to fix something little, then call them again a few days later to remedy something else. This is inconvenient, inefficient, and expensive. All you need is for the bathroom to be fixed, and the best option is to renovate the bathroom.

Sustainability And Efficiency

If you’ve lived in a house for more than 20 years, the odds are that the pipes, fixtures, and toilets are built of inefficient and environmentally unfriendly materials. Manufacturers did not consider energy efficiency and environmental sustainability at the time. In the long term, a more efficient bathroom will save you money and save the environment. When you remodel your bathroom, you may replace inefficient pipes and fixtures, lowering your energy expenses and reducing water use. Contact the professionals if you’re considering changing your bathroom or several bathrooms in your house. Give AE Home Renovations a call now.


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