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It is possible to transform an outdated space or bring a newly remodelled room together by installing carpeting on it. Furthermore, with so many different colours and patterns to choose from, it is an excellent way to personalise any space. With the help of the trained professionals at AE Home Renovations, your new carpet will be installed quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a fashionable new floor that is warm and pleasant, as well as easy to keep clean.

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The Humble carpet installation company, AE Home Renovations, has been in the carpet installation business for more than 30 years. When it comes to high-quality carpet installation in commercial and residential premises in Humble, we are the go-to professionals. Our company is the best choice for anyone looking for a dependable carpet installation service in your area.

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  • Glue-down Carpet Installation
  • Double Glue Carpet Installation
  • Post Carpet Installation Care

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The final phase in your new flooring journey is the installation of your carpeting and flooring. After spending the necessary time researching and selecting this beautiful floor covering, our installation crew will take the utmost care to ensure that it is properly put. You’ll be pleased with the outcome of the project.

Our skilled flooring installation service provides you with the actual peace of mind that you need when it comes to this type of flooring. Everything is handled by us so that you never have to be concerned about anything. In addition, we are always accessible for professional guidance or to answer any urgent inquiries you may have about the materials you are considering purchasing.


It’s also known as a double-stick installation. This method is similar to direct glue down, except that we glue a pad to the floor first, then the carpet to the pad. This kind of installation requires a densified pad designed especially for this type of installation, not just any carpet pad. There are some of the benefits of double glue down installation over direct glue down: It is more comfortable. More insulation is required. The cushion will help the carpet last longer.


Stairs that have been partially dressed. Stairs that have been partially dressed and are being prepared for runners. At the back of the steps, you can see the tack strip and the pad. Rooms appear similar to this, except the tack strip extends around the room’s perimeter, and the pad fills the whole space. The most common technique of carpet installation in houses is stretching. In this installation, strips of wood are nailed (or occasionally cemented) to the floor around the room’s perimeter. Hundreds of nails are angled in towards the wall on these strips. In the centre of the room, padding is attached to the floor. The carpet is then secured to the pegs strategically placed around the area. The carpet is then stretched taut across the room by the installer. There are some of the advantages of using stretch in carpet installation: A technique of installation that is both fast and efficient. Pad is more relaxing. The pad is thicker and more insulating. The pad increases the carpet’s life. It’s easier to remove than a carpet that’s been glued down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do before my carpet is installed?

The best way to prepare for carpet installation is to make sure that all of your small loose items are packed up, the tops of dressers cleared off, your electronics are disconnected, the bottom row of clothing from your closets is moved, everything is removed from your closet floors and that nothing is left under your bed.

How do I fix squeaky floors?

You will want to arrange ahead of time with a contractor or handyman to have any squeaky floors repaired. That work should be done prior to scheduling your carpet installation. It is not part of the carpet installation process.


Humble is a city located in the Houston metropolitan area. Humble became an oil boomtown in the early 20th century when oil was first discovered there in 1904. By 1905, the Humble oilfield was the largest producing oilfield in Texas. Humble was home of The Humble Oil and Refining Company, a predecessor of Exxon.


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