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Carpet flooring installation is a talent that can only be learned through years of practice, so hiring experienced installers is a no-brainer, and who better to assist you with this than AE Home Renovations? Additionally, having a fundamental grasp of carpet installation will provide you with a notion of how to increase your confidence in your product.

Among the many functions of carpets are to protect people’s feet from a cold tile or concrete floor, to make a room more pleasant as a place to sit on the floor while working, to reduce noise from walking, and to give decoration or color to a space.


AE Home Renovations uses qualified labor and specifically specified tools and accessories; ensures that measurements are accurate; and works in close collaboration with the general contractor on all relevant details, such as installation dates, delivery dates, storage locations, and security. By hiring our pros to install your carpets, you can rest assured that the project will be completed correctly and swiftly. Our specialist knows how to install carpet padding, how to utilize all of the specialty tools, and how to cut the carpet to fit the specific needs of each customer.

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  • Your choice of carpet and carpet pad
  • New carpet installation
  • Professional in-home flooring measure
  • Standard furniture moving


It is important to have the greatest carpets for your design spaces, whether you are an interior designer or an architect, a homeowner, or even the owner of a corporation. Style, elegance, and quality, on the other hand, should not be at the expense of an unreasonably high price. And this is the very first reason why you should contact AE Home Renovations for expert designer carpet installation guidance and goods that are tailored to your specific requirements. Allow us to examine some of the additional reasons why AE Home Renovations should be your first choice as a supplier for all of your carpet installation needs in Friendswood. Should you buy back carpet tiles, wall-to-wall carpets, or rugs? What is the best option for you? Which interior design styles are most appropriate for your requirements? In which colors and textures should I invest my time? What is the significance of anti-static, environmentally friendly materials, stain resistant properties, spill protection, and anti-bacterial underlays in today’s world? When recommending the best floor solution for your interior design needs, we take all of these and many other considerations into account as well as your budget. When you purchase from us or use our carpet installation services, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Attractive rates for high-quality products.
  • Service excellence and knowledge that has been demonstrated.
  • Advice from a qualified professional on product selection.
  • A large selection of carpets and other flooring options are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much would overall carpet installation cost?

Carpet type, padding and installation are the three main factors that go into the total cost of replacing your carpet.

What type of carpet is easiest to clean?

Thanks to modern fiber technology, you don’t have to sacrifice on style, comfort or value to enjoy maximum stain resistance.

What kind of carpets are best for aesthetic carpets?

Texture or twist carpet works great in nearly every space: bedrooms, family rooms and dens, basements, hallways, stairs and offices.

Patterned carpet is most often used in bedrooms, family rooms and dens, hallways, stairways and offices—but not basements.

Loop or berber carpets work well in basements and on hallways and stairs. Keep in mind, pet claws can snag loops and berber carpet, so it may not be the best choice if you have furry friends.

About Friendswood, TX

Friendswood was established on July 15, 1895, as a planned community. It was given this name in honour of the Quakers, also known as the Religious Society of Friends, who founded it. Between 1895 and 1915, Quakers were the majority of the population of the region. Farmers began to migrate to the city starting around 1920. While World War II was underway, the region’s expansion came to a standstill. When the city was originally created in 1960, it was referred to as A range of recreational possibilities are available at Stevenson Park, the Friendswood City Recreation Center, Renwick Park, 1776 Park, and Randolph Park, among other locations.


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