Concrete Driveways And Patio

What’s better than having a patio and driveway? -Having a concrete driveway and patio. Yes, concrete is the master of all construction materials. Concrete is strong, manageable, and durable, so deciding to invest in it could never go wrong. Most people often prefer concrete driveway and patio because they are low maintenance.

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We are here to give your patio and driveway the look you always wanted. If you have decided to go with concrete material for your driveway and patio then we will do our task according to that and once installed and sealed, we can also do a thorough maintenance check if you want. Do you already have a concrete driveway and patio? Then don’t worry! You can call us anytime for a concrete maintenance check because regular up-gradation is important too.
A concrete driveway will give a professional and attractive look to the outdoors of your house. Concrete is extremely durable and can offer years of use without demanding many repairs but it will be only possible if you give your concrete driveway and patio proper maintenance regularly.

AE home renovations’ concrete driveway and patio maintenance services-

Maintaining the concrete material doesn’t matter where and in what form it is placed in your house, it can increase and enhance the service life of the concrete.

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Sealing the concrete surface

After installing the concrete driveway or patio, we will seal it completely because driveways should be sealed after construction to protect the surface.  Our team of professionals will take care of the protection factor and will also recommend you to apply the sealant every once a year to keep the protective layer intact.

If the area where you live has cold and chill weather, then your concrete driveways will deteriorate easily. So it is advisable to seal the concrete driveway and patio before winter and reseal it periodically. We will use acrylic sealers because that will protect the concrete better against oil, staining, and water intrusion.

Cleaning the concrete driveway and patio

There is no doubt that your concrete Driveway is going to be filled with oil and gasoline after using it for some time. That’s why cleaning the concrete driveway and patio regularly becomes extremely important.

Oil stains can be removed using dish soap and water. You can use a scrubbing brush to do that. Never use a wire brush because it will do more harm than good to your concrete floors, like scratching and eroding the concrete material.

A pressure washer is also very effective when it comes to older stains but it is not advisable to use the pressure washer on cracks.

If you are free and if the weather allows, wash the surface to remove the salt that comes out of vehicles.

Ice and snow removal

We will use the appropriate ice melters for this task and this should be done as quickly as possible because the freezing can cause cracking and lines in your concrete floor. It is not recommended to use de-icing chemicals, such as-lawn fertilizers, calcium, sodium, magnesium chloride because they can cause severe damages to the concrete surface and some chemicals can attack the first layer of concrete directly. So the best way to pause the accumulation of ice on your driveway is to use kitty litter or sand. That’s why it gets all the more important to reseal the concrete driveway and patio before the winter season so that you can protect your concrete surfaces from the harmful effects of snowy weather and resealing will also increase the lifespan of the concrete material! Give AE Home Renovations a call now.


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