Exterior Lighting

Why wait for daylight to enjoy the landscape or outdoor outings? And how bad would it be for your house’s beauty to get covered by darkness? Don’t limit your outdoor enjoyment time or your house look to daylight when you can Show off the aesthetic look of your house during the night as well.

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Whether it is for commercial or residential purposes, investing in the appropriate exterior lighting would be a great decision and will add great value to your property.

A carefully designed, installed and maintained exterior lighting can create a warm and nice ambiance in your garden or balcony or can give a standard look to your office building. The right and carefully chosen exterior lighting will create a welcoming atmosphere so that you can make the most of your outdoor space.

We are here to show you the wide variety of exterior lighting available and we will also explain their maintenance plan so that you can choose an option that you are most comfortable with. Our option for exterior lighting design also comes for architecture, landscapes, gardens, and many more. We do our job of installing, maintaining, and even recommending the right exterior light for your house with utmost sincerity and have many satisfied customers who have worked with us for years. AE Home Renovations are considerate of All kinds of budgets and will provide you with high-quality design and lighting installation services that will make you fall in love with your outdoor settings.

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    Some of our most common exterior lighting services include –

    Our exterior lighting services are suitable for commercial and residential use and our team will deliver exceptional performance on lighting installations that will make your house look exceptionally good even when the sun goes down. Also, we are always equipped with all the essential equipment in case any sudden and unexpected situation arises.

    Our service includes –

    • We will make your building look amazing with accent lighting
    • If you want, we can also install string lights on your balcony or garden area for night parties and events.
    • Don’t worry if you live in an apartment because we also offer the installation and maintenance of poolside lighting so that you can have your late-night swims without any worry.
    • if you are more interested in modern and over-the-top looking exterior lights then that’s available too. We offer installation and maintenance of dazzling garden lights and commercial lighting that will make your garden or the landscape look more stunning than it already is.

    Team and customer relationship – To avoid any future complications and miscommunication happenings, our team will work directly with you to plan out a custom lighting designing and maintenance plan that will fit exactly what you are looking for.

    Exterior lighting demonstrations – Before our team fixes a specific kind of exterior light for your house, we will install a demo light so you can see how your house will look at night and the demo lights are a great way to see exactly where you are spending your money.
    This way we can also make adjustments that you want to ensure that you are completely satisfied before actually installing them.

    Exterior lighting upgrades

    You don’t want to change or install new lights but only want to repair your already existing lights? Then that’s okay too because we can upgrade your already installed system in your house property to modern LED lights. The best part about LED lights is that they are low voltage and are energy sufficient, so it is a great way to save money and get an extraordinary outdoor look at the same time!


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