For commercial and residential buildings, we offer the best-looking fence installation and maintenance services. We are a well-known licensed fence company that helps our customers with all of their fencing needs. No matter what kind of fence you need installed or repaired, we are up for it. We have helped thousands of people get their desired fence and increase the curb appeal of their property.

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What is the purpose of the fence?

If you desire seclusion from your fence, it will offer it. Screen fences give total seclusion in both business and residential settings. The primary goal of erecting a fence is to safeguard your property. Fences may keep people out of the house and reduce the possibilities of a break-in. They can also enhance the appearance of your home. Every attractive and stylish home or house has a smart fence that adds to the property’s worth. You could choose the type of fence you want to install and we will install it for you. We have a wide variety of fences available that you could choose from.

Fence Repair

Fences of various kinds, both commercial and residential, are repaired by us. If your wooden fences are rotting or mouldy, we can remove the rotten sections and clean and polish the mouldy ones. We make certain that any rusted pieces, such as screws and nuts, are removed. If it’s an iron fence, we’ll sand away the rust, remove the badly corroded section, and replace it with a new one. If necessary, we will paint fences. Fence painting covers flaws and restores the appearance of your fence.

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The most effective fence installation

We build a variety of fences for both residential and commercial properties to protect and beautify them. We have experts that can install your system quickly and efficiently. The installation would be covered by a warranty. It’s long-lasting, resistant to harsh weather, and looks brand new for years. Our customers are highly appreciative of the kind of installation we do. They rate us highly and recommend us to anyone looking for a reliable fencing company in the local area.

We install a variety of fences

Fences made of vinyl – Vinyl fences are a cost-effective and trendy option. They perform well in restaurants, stores, and other tiny spaces as both residential and commercial barriers. They are available in a variety of styles that imitate stone or wood fences. Installation and material costs are significantly lower than for other types of fences.

Fences made of wood – Wooden fences are a classic style of fence that adds a rustic yet exquisite aspect to your home. If you like to keep things as natural as possible, wooden fences are the way to go. They’re also inexpensive and widely accessible.

Fencing made of iron – Fencing made of iron is more costly. Decorative iron fences are popular in commercial and high-end residential settings. They offer your home a classy appearance. The fences give great protection to the residents while also having a high aesthetic value.

Fences made of aluminium – Metal fences made of aluminium are robust and long-lasting. They can also be ornamental fences that are less expensive. Aluminium has a low installation and material cost.


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We give the highest-quality fence services. For our services, we always use the best materials. The manufacturers from which we get our raw materials are licenced and well-known names in the fence industry. Our specialists will offer you with a well-thought-out design and project estimate so that you can make the required preparations. We’ve worked on projects of various kinds, from little to large. Regardless of the circumstances, we always complete our task on time. Give AE Home Renovations a call now.


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