Granite Countertop

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or any other area of your house, then deciding to have granite as your kitchen countertop would be a great decision.

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Granite as a countertop

Why granite countertops are the best for your indoors? And why AE Home Renovations are the best for their installation and renovations?

Granite, whether it is used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, bar tops, or any other place, it is perfect for all types of homes. Because granite has a look that is a perfect combination of modernity, function, and style. More and more people are choosing granite to make their place beautiful.

Not only are the house owners picking granite as an option for their countertops but business owners are starting to prefer granite countertops as well. There can be several reasons for picking granite countertops over others but the main would be its natural everlasting material.

Another reason to choose granite countertops over others is that they will not cause even the minute intensity of scratches or any other damages on the countertops.

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Why choose AE Home Renovations services for granite countertops?

As mentioned above, granite countertops will increase the rank of the beauty of your house, and we will make sure that it looks appealing and endurable. There are different types of granite shades available, allowing you to select the best granite type that will suit your house the best and will make your kitchen counter, walls, and flooring the way you want it. All you have to do is select the perfect shade of granite and we will do the rest. By the end of our service you will get the best look in no time and all of this at affordable rates!


Granite fabrication is an important step to make sure your granite countertops stay new and shining all the time. We provide granite fabrication services so that our customers can relax and stay tension free knowing that their granite countertops will be constructed and installed with professionalism and with utmost concentration from our team.

The process includes –

  • The selection of granite shade and design approved by the customer.
  • Choosing the best granite or natural stone materials.
  • Shaping the stone the way our customers want.
  • Fixing an installation date.


We know how important the installation process is so we have our best team of experts performing the installation task to eliminate any chances of errors happening. Our priority is the value and quality of your countertop, and we will ensure that your countertop fits perfectly.

granite countertop installation process includes

  • Respecting the customer’s time and showing up there in time.
  • Carefully and professionally installing the granite or natural stone countertop.
  • Inspecting it thoroughly.
  • Sealing the stone to keep it safe.


We also provide granite repairing services.
Do you have a crack or chip in your granite countertop? Or do you want to change your outdated sink or appliances? We will make your granite countertops look brand new in no time.

  • Polishing and buffing
  • Applying sealant
  • Sink replacements and upgrades
  • New appliance accommodations


We all want to have the best of everything at our houses, especially if it’s the case of remodeling or renovations because you will have to spend a nice amount of money in these cases so why not spend it in the right place? If you think that it’s time for your kitchen and rooms to go through a nice remodeling or renovation, then you have come to the right place. The kitchens are a safe place for many of us, it’s not for everyone to see but it is for you to enjoy and relax in there, so creating a nice kitchen environment and the room environment will make you and your house feel and look good.


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