Your roof gutters protect your house and roof from the rainwater. Over a long time, water can cause severe damage.

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Water can stagnant in gutters that have been damaged can lead to water seeping from the roof edge, into the gutter, and eventually inside the gutter. Over time, this water can cause wood elements to rot and mold growth as well as dampen walls. AE Home Renovations installs, repairs and maintains all types of gutters. We can help you with any issue that you may have regarding your gutters.

We have installed gutters in thousands of homes and businesses. We are the right choice if you want gutter installation that will last, resist the elements, and is affordable. We can install gutters any way you want. We can do either a sectional gutter which is the most common, or a seamless gutter system which removes water more effectively. We only use high-quality, locally made gutters that are durable and long-lasting. Ask our gutter experts about the type of gutters that you are looking for. They will be happy to help you. We only select the best products for our customers.

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Types of gutters that we install

Aluminum Gutters – Aluminium is one the most lightweight and rust-resistant metals. Aluminum gutters are great, even though they can be a little expensive. They can withstand heavy rainfall and not rust in sunlight. Additionally, they don’t place too much pressure on your roof structure.

Stainless steel gutters – Stainless steel gutters make a great choice for your roof. They are beautiful and will increase your home’s aesthetic value. They are lightweight and rust-resistant.

PVC Gutters – PVC has become a very popular material for construction. It resists water and is more durable than metal gutters. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs for your PVC gutters.

No matter what, we will fix your gutters. Gutters with broken seams, dirty gutters, clogged gutters, or discolored gutters are all issues we can repair. Gutters that look old and dirty will certainly lower the aesthetic value of your home. Our company will clean your gutters so they work again. They will make your property look better and increase its value. Our affordable service does not compromise on quality or repair quality. With the installation or repair, you will be covered by a valid warranty.

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AE Home Renovations knows how important it is to have gutters that are reliable and will protect your home from water damage. Our goal is to provide all your rain gutter needs. We are a trusted company that has provided gutter repair and installation services to thousands of homeowners. For a free estimate on our gutter service, give us a shout.


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