Interior Lighting

There is no exaggeration when we say that lighting is everything in a house. Interior lighting has the power to make or break the look of your house. Think about it, what is the first thing we notice when we enter a house? It’s the lighting.

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If you enter a room you will see the furnishings, walls, interior designing and of course, the most important lighting. So it is safe to say that installing the right interior lighting design can improve the overall look and feel of a room. Good lighting, without a doubt, can make a huge difference. How sad it would be to have a perfect interior design but with bad lighting, it will just make your house look average even if it is well furnished and decorated. Your room deserves to have a well thought out interior lighting so your room can look beautiful. Excellent and comfortable lighting will also support and encourage you to increase your productivity and will also help you relax more and enhance safety.

Now comes the question- what does it take to complete a high-quality interior lighting installation project?  AE home renovations understand the project and will work hard to get your interior lighting installation properly.

Interior lighting maintenance

Maintaining one’s interior lighting is extremely important to avoid unnecessary expenditures on lighting repair and is a great way to ensure the quality of life.

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AE Home Renovations offers interior lighting maintenance services to have better lighting that will keep your lights periodically adjusted, relamped, and tested, this way you can ensure that all high voltage and low voltage recessed lights in your house are working safely and effectively. During the maintenance, if we find any damages or issues then we will address the discovered issue immediately before they convert into a major problem.

Select the right lighting products

If you want to completely replace your interior lighting with new ones then that’s possible too. Our team of professionals will perform this replacing task expertly to give your house the look that you wished for, and all this at affordable rates!

All you have to do is select the right lighting products that you like and we will do the rest.
There are so many new and modern products available in the market, ranging from modern to traditional-looking products that will suit both the commercial and residential interiors.

Periodic inspection of interior lights

Another most important service we offer for interior lighting is its proper periodic inspection. Periodic inspection of lights is important to stop the degradation of the light quality.

Just like everything has a specific lifetime set, lamps, and bulbs too have a certain time period after which they will start to work poorly, and may also show color rendering when they near the end of their life span, that’s why it gets all the more important for you to hire a professional for periodic inspection of your lights. Our team of professionals will check these lights and can quickly spot the deterioration that otherwise could have been missed by the homeowners. If we find any discrepancy in the lights during the periodic inspection then we will immediately replace them with new ones at reasonable rates.

Interior Lights Fixture Upgrades

Another extremely important part of our service Is the fixture upgrades.
This part of the maintenance plan includes the inspection and checking of the low voltage bulbs and lamps of your house to make sure that they are working up to the specifications. Fixture upgrades are important because this is a great way to ensure that you and your wallet benefit the most from installing low voltage lights. We will do the fixture upgrades and if we find any troubles in the working process then we replace it with the best alternatives that will perform better and cost less money to power.


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