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Do you want to get a new kitchen cabinet to display and store things in your kitchen? AE Home Renovations Kitchen Cabinet Company in Porter, TX will design and deliver the Kitchen Cabinet of your dreams.

Reasons to Hire a Kitchen Cabinet Company in Porter, TX

  • Professional kitchen cabinet installers will construct a custom fit for any project. They can work around any type of wall. You can ensure them to build a strong kitchen cabinet that holds all the dishes and kitchen essentials.
  • Getting a professional cabinet maker to design and install your kitchen cabinet will save you money. You may think making and installing the cabinet yourself must be cheaper. However, in reality getting the raw materials in itself can become quite heavy on your pocket.
  • Safe Installation- We will install your kitchen cabinet keeping in mind your safety. Cabinets are heavy. Therefore, trust the experts to make sure they are attached to the wall properly and do not come off. Installing big cabinets always carries the risk of you getting injured.
  • Clean Up- We offer to clean up your kitchen space after the installation. Installing a new unit can be messy. We will clean up all the debris and unused materials. We dispose of them safely or even recycle them.

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New designs and looks are trending on the market daily and catching up to them feels like a complicated and time-consuming task, that’s why we are here to convert this challenging and kind of mundane task into a fun and simple one. Renovating or reinstalling certain parts or things in your house is important and necessary for you and your house to look and feel good, and hygiene comes as a plus point during renovations. A kitchen is that place in the house that everyone loves, so it becomes all the more important to reinstall or renovate kitchen cabinets that will inject new life into the designs of your home. AE Home Renovations are here to give your kitchen the ultimate ‘wow’ look and offer convenient service for kitchen cabinet installation and cabinet repair.

The kitchen can look like the best part of the house if everything is set and functioning properly, and AE Home Renovations will do the job of making your kitchen look. like it just came out of an ad magazine! AE Home Renovations repairs cabinets you already have or will install brand new ones that you have selected. It doesn’t matter how tough or rare the design or material is, we will finish the project on time and do it right. Also, our personal selection of accessories can be used during the renovations to transform your kitchen into a dream kitchen.

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Carpenter Near Me

Kitchen Cabinet Company in Porter, TX like AE Home Renovations consults the expertise of seasoned carpenters. They build the perfect and long lasting kitchen cabinets.

Services We Provide

  • Installing New Cabinets
  • Painting and Renovating them
  • Refinishing
  • Cleaning Up after Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand?

KraftMaid, Merillat and Collier Bremtown are some of the leading manufacturers.

Is plywood better than wood?

Both of them have pros and cons. Plywood is made of many thin sheets of wood laminated together. Therefore it is less susceptible to water damage than furniture boards. However, plywood gets targeted easily by termites. On the other hand, furniture boards do not.

What about the pricing?

The pricing of your kitchen cabinet depends on two factors. Firstly,the style of kitchen cabinet you want. If it is a large unit then the cost will be upwards. Secondly, the type of material you want the cabinet to be made of. Plywood has a different cost than other types of materials like MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard).


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