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Top Rated Water Damage Restoration Services In Humble, TX

Do you have water damage in your house and need immediate help in Humble, TX?

Water damage is the worst thing that can happen to your building. Leaking pipes, flooded floors, moisture accumulation and subfloor moisture can all cause water damage. If you have a bust pipe, sewer system leakage, drainage malfunction the flooding can cause immediate water damage while small leaks, soil moisture and condensation damages the building slowly. We handle all kinds of water damage restoration services.

If you have water seeping into the floorboard, drywall, furniture or the ceiling, we have tools to dry the moisture and prevent further deterioration. If you do not take care of the water damage as soon as possible it will cause rotting in the wood, increase pest issues, cause mold growth and make your house smell bad. Call us to get water damage restoration done in Humble, texas. A house that has visible spots of water damage is very hard to sell. If you are planning to sell your house we highly recommend that you get water damage restoration done. You will save a lot of money if you restore the water damage on time.

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Moisture damage in the basement

If your basement is flooded from bust utility lines of the poor drainage and moisture control in the foundation is causing water to rise up the walls and cause the floor to feel wet, it is time to call us. We take necessary measures to prevent water from getting to the floor and the wall. If the utility line is leaking or the water heating is leaking causing the basement to flood, we can clean it with proper drainage methods. The water can seep into the walls and cause mold to form. The best way to avoid mold and foundation damage is to get professional water restoration done. We at AE Home Renovations have the experience and training to take care of moisture in your basement.

Water Flooding From Burst Pipes

If the water pipes in your house or business location are leaking or completely collapsed water can quickly flood the floor. If the pipe was connected to sewer or drainage the problem can be even severe. Even after you get the pipe fixed, the water raiming afterwards can cause issues in your house. You may have rotting, mold development, bad odor left behind. With professional water restoration, we will get rid of the smell, the stains, and dry all the remaining water from your floor so it doesn’t get water damaged. If your carpet has soaked from water, we can dry that as well. We are thorough with our work and give satisfactory services at affordable prices.

Condensation in the ceiling

Water can condensate in the ceiling if the insulation is compromised. This causes mold and pest infestation in the attic. If you see da,p spot, peeling walls and ceiling, give us a call. We will restore the damage caused by the moisture. We can identify what is watering the condensation so you can fix the issue as soon as possible.


Humble is a city located in the Houston metropolitan area. Humble became an oil boomtown in the early 20th century when oil was first discovered there in 1904. By 1905, the Humble oilfield was the largest producing oilfield in Texas. Humble was home of The Humble Oil and Refining Company, a predecessor of Exxon.


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